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Extremely accurate timing but are not usually recommended for engines that. If anyone has any tips on trying to judge initial ignition position I would be. Crane Cam 252 252 degrees duration at 0050-inch tappet lift 0521-inch valve lift. The EPA California cams are 220 duration compared to the 235 duration 49 state. That gives time for the mixture to start burning steadily as the piston passes. Cam and compression ratio compatibility.

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How to adjust static ignition timing on street cars of varying power output. Would ignition timing follow the cam timing or would it still be set the same. At this time the exhaust valve opens up and lets the old burnt mixture out. Unfortunately it is ignition for cam duration timing light to change allows more!

Because this pressure spike is very severe and of very short duration it can. S&S recommends using electronic ignition with adjustable advance curve in Super. The length of the spark can also be measured eg With an ignition spark tester. The camshaft timing can be a little bit intimidating to racers or first-time engine.

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