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Helemaal onderaan vind je de symbolische weergave. If the tens are the same we need to compare the ones. There is data in column i want to apply if condition. Use the numbers shown to make number sentences. All pages come in black and white for ink friendly printing. We send out a monthly email of all our new free worksheets. Write a number in each box to make a true number sentence. Keep reading it rigorous and greater less than signs worksheets! Cut out the graphics and paste it in the appropriate places. We hope you enjoy the ideas and printables as much as we do.

It will benefit all the members of this board. Math Center is perfect for the entire school year! Math activities and other contents for math practice. Circle the solutions that satisfy the inequality. Sorry, I am not sure if I fully understand your first task. Examine the inequality according to different word problems. This simple activity works on that skill.

Greater Than And Less Than Signs Worksheets

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Equality symbol is used when two numbers are equal.

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Complete the number sentences with the correct signs.

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Check out our collection of free greater than, less than worksheets for kids. Agate Thank you for all the ideas, you are a real inspiration!